The acuteness amid rickettsiae and Weil-Felix analysis antigens adjoin sera of rickettsial ache patients

  Of the sera which were absolute to Rickettsia tsutsugamushi by aberrant immunoperoxidase test, about 80% sera were absolute to a Proteus OXK antigen by Weil-Felix analysis at 10 or added canicule afterwards the access of fever, while alone 10% sera were absolute aural 9 canicule from the access of fever. In ELISA application the OXK antigen, about all of the commutual sera of tsutsugamushi ache (TD) patients added on the IgM antibiotic titres with the acceleration of their titres by Weil-Felix test, admitting the IgG antibiotic titres of these sera were different with the titres of Weil-Felix test.

  We doubtable that the acuteness of TD patients sera to the OXK antigen in Weil-Felix analysis was acquired from the acuteness of the IgM antibiotic adjoin the OXK antigen accepted with R. tsutsugamushi. The accommodating sera adulterated with a Japanese abstract of spotted agitation accumulation rickettsia (SFGR) cross-reacted with the Thai Tick Typhus (TTT) ache of SFGR by aberrant immunoperoxidase test. In Weil-Felix test, the acuteness of these sera to OX2 antigen were college than that to OX19 antigen, like the sera adulterated with added SFGR, except of R. rickettsii.

  These sera aswell reacted with TTT and OX2 antigens by ELISA. The titres of IgM antibiotic adjoin OX2 antigen in the sera in ELISA were in alongside with the titres of the sera adjoin OX2 antigen in Weil-Felix test, but not the titres of IgG antibody. We advance that the acuteness of the accommodating sera adulterated with SFGR to OX2 antigen of Weil-Felix analysis is abased on the IgM antibody.