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Product name: Catalase
Catalase using biotechnology production of liquid enzyme, can effectively the hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) is decomposed into oxygen and water, only to hydrogen peroxide acts. Widely used in the clear foods, food ingredients and food additives or residual hydrogen peroxide in the disinfection and sterilization, bleaching, after processing. Clear special odor caused by food (such as dairy products, egg products) generated by hydrogen peroxide in the ultraviolet irradiation, and to avoid the body excessive intake hydroperoxide occurred after the risk of poisoning.
 Product Features:
 Amber liquid specific gravity of 1.1 - 1.2
 Enzyme activity: ≥ 50000u/ml
 This product complies with FAO / WHO Food Additives Joint Committee on hygienic practices and our food enzyme preparations.
 Process parameters:
 PH :6.0-8 .0
 Temperature :30-60
 Time :10-30 minutes
 Dosage :0.05-1g / L, the dosage can be adjusted according to the actual process.
 Reference Process:
 Bleach → → let go of the bleach solution into the catalase solution soak deaerator.
 Packaging, preservation:
 25kg drum or packed according to customer requirements.
 The next six months at room temperature is not lower than the standard enzyme activity.
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NO.1 From: Martek  Mr.Anthony / Vice President   E-mail: **********  
6C company is the perfect choice for raw material supplier. It frees you from worry about Product's quality, and its price is very reasonable, what' s more, they are free shipping all over the world..

NO.2 from: GNC  Mr.Ryan / Agent  E-mail: **********  
6C is a member of Herbal Material Association, which means it take great responsibility to ensure and enhancing good quality health supplement products. It is a GMP (good manufacturing practice) compliant company.td>

NO.3 from: USANA  Mr.Alexander / Vice President  E-mail: **********  
We find that the product ingredient information is very comprehensive. Desides stating the source of the ingredients, 6C goes to the great length to provide the information and clinical studies of each ingredient used. This is a hallmark of high quality product and services of an excellent herbal raw material online store.

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