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About Bolise Bolise Co., Ltd. is biotech laboratories founded in USA and China in 2001. We focus on research and development of medicine materials...

Products we offer
Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarb
Dehydroepiandrosterone enantha
7-keto DHEA Acetate
Cholesteryl chloride
Cholesteryl benzoate
Cholesteryl acetate
Bremelanotide PT 141
Secretin Acetate
Teriparatide Acetate
Cetrorelix AcetatBivalirudin T
Cetrorelix Acetate
healthe liquid
YEA Protein Assay Kit
YLEX Expression Kit
YLOS Transformation Kit
Ling-Zhi Immunomodulatory Prot
SCOS Transformation Kit
Electronic cigarette liquid,ni
Electronic cigarette liquid,ni
Electronic cigarette liquid,ni
Electronic tobacco tar,extract
Electronic cigarette liquid,ex
Reagents kits
ECOS 9-5 Competent Cells Strai
ECOS 101 Competent Cells Strai
Glass Plating Beads
ECOS 2163 Competent Cells Stra
ECOS 21 Competent Cells Strain
ECOS Blue Competent Cells Stra
ECOSTM 10B Competent Cells Str
Rapid Ligation Kit YEA T4
T&A Cloning Kit
T&A cloning vector

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Brucella Abortus Antigen.. Brucella Melitensis Anti.. Proteus OXK Antigen 5ml Proteus OX2 Antigen 5ml Proteus OX19 Antigen 5ml.. Salmonella O Antigen Gro.. Salmonella O Antigen Gro.. Salmonella O Antigen Gro.. Salmonella O Antigen Gro.. Salmonella H Antigen Gro.. Salmonella H Antigen Gro.. Salmonella H Antigen Gro.. Salmonella H Antigen Gro.. Febrile positive control.. Febrile negative control.. Febrile antigen kit comp.. Febrile antigen kit comp.. HBsAg (3rd Generation) 1.. Brucella Melitensis Anti.. Proteus OXK Antigen 5ml HAV Ab 96 tests HAV IgM 96 tests HBcAb Screening 96 tests.. HBeAg 96 tests HBsAb 96 tests HCV Ab (3rd Generation) .. HEV IgM 96 tests HIV 1&2 96 tests Cortisol 96 tests Progesterone 96 tests DHEA-S 96 tests Testosterone 96 tests 17-Beta Estradiol 96 tes.. T3 96 tests FT3 96 tests T4 96 tests FT4 96 tests TSHV 96 tests HCG 96 tests Prolactin 96 tests FSH 96 tests LH 96 tests Ferritin 96 tests Anti-Syphilis IgG/IgM/Ig.. Toxoplasma IgG (WHO/IU) .. Toxoplasma IgM 96 tests Rubella IgG (WHO/IU) 96 .. Rubella IgM 96 tests CMV IgG 96 tests CMV IgM 96 tests HSV 1+2 IgG 96 tests HSV 1+2 IgM 96 tests HSV 1 IgG 96 tests HSV 1 IgM 96 tests HSV 2 IgG 96 tests HSV 2 IgM 96 tests AFP Mab 96 tests CEA Mab 96 tests Anti-A CErytec Anti-B CErytec Anti-A CErytec Anti-B CErytec 10 x 10ml.. Anti-A,B CErytec 10ml Anti-A,B CErytec 10 x10m.. Anti-D IgG/IgM CErytec 1.. Anti-D IgG/IgM CErytec 1.. Anti-D IgM CErytec 10ml Anti-D IgM CErytec 10 x1.. Anti-C CErytec 5ml Anti-c CErytec 5ml Anti-E CErytec 5ml Anti-e CErytec-5ml Anti-A 10ml Anti-A 10 x 10ml Anti-A 1000ml Anti-B 10ml Anti-B 10x 10ml Anti-B 1000ml Anti-A,B 10ml Anti-A,B 10 x 10ml Anti-D (IgG & IgM) 10ml Anti-A,B 1000ml Anti-D (IgG & IgM) 10 x1.. Anti-D (IgG & IgM) 1000m.. Bovine Albumin 22% 10ml Bovine Albumin 22% 10 x .. Bovine Albumin 30% 10ml Bovine Albumin 22% 1000m.. Bovine Albumin 30% 10 x .. Bovine Albumin 30% 1000m.. Anti A1 (Lectin) 10ml Anti A1 (Lectin) 1litre Anti A1 (Lectin) 5ml Anti A1 (Lectin) 2ml Anti A1 (Lectin)-2ml Anti A1 (Lectin)-5ml Anti A1 (Lectin)-10ml Anti A1 (Lectin)-1Litre Anti H (Lectin) 2ml Anti H (Lectin) 5ml Anti H (Lectin) 10ml Anti N (Lectin) 5ml Anti N (Lectin) 2ml Anti-C 5 ml Low Ionic Strength Solut.. Low Ionic Strength Solut.. Low Ionic Strength Solut.. Anti-C 10ml Anti-c 10ml Anti-c 5ml Anti-CDE 5ml Anti-CDE 10ml Anti-E 10ml Anti-e 5ml Anti-E 5ml Anti-e 10ml Rh Control 10ml Aeromonas Agar 500gm Agar No. 1 Bacteriologic.. Agar No. 2 Bacteriologic.. Amies with Charcoal 500g.. Amies without Charcoal 5.. Bacillus Cereus (P.R.E.P.. Bacteriological Peptone .. Baird Parker Medium Base.. Beef Extract (Dehydrated.. Bismuth Sulphate Agar Ba.. Bismuth Sulphate Agar Ba.. Blood Agar Base 500gm Blood Agar Base No.2 500.. Brain Heart Infusion Aga.. Brain Heart Infusion Bro.. Brilliant Green Agar 500.. Brilliant Green Bile 2% .. Buffered Peptone Water 5.. Buffered Listeria Broth .. Campylobacter Blood-Free.. Campylobacter Broth 500g.. CLED Medium (Single Indi.. CLED Medium Bevis (with .. Clostridium Perfringens .. Columbia Agar Base 500gm.. DCA (Hynes) 500gm DCA (Hynes) 500gm DCA (Leifsons) 500gm DCLS Agar 500gm Dermatophyte Test Medium.. Dextrose Tryptone Agar 5.. Diagnostic Semi-Solid Sa.. DNase Agar 500gm E.E.Broth 500gm Endo Agar 500gm Eosin Methylene Blue Aga.. Fastidious Anaerobe Agar.. Fastidious Anaerobe Brot.. Fluid Thioglycollate Med.. Fraser Broth 500gm GC Agar Base 500gm Hektoen Enteric Agar 500.. Helicobacter Pylori Agar.. Hoyles Medium Base 500gm.. Kanamycin Agar (Streptoc.. Kanamycin Broth 500gm Kliglers Iron Agar 500gm.. Lactose Broth 500gm Listeria Broth 500gm Listeria Medium 500gm M.L.C.B. Agar 500gm M.R.S. Agar 500gm MacConkey Agar (with sal.. MacConkey Agar (without .. MacConkey Agar No. 3 500.. MacConkey Agar (Sorbitol.. MacConkey Broth Purple 5.. Malt Extract Powder 500g.. Mannitol 500gm Maximal Recovery Diluent.. Mannitol Salt Agar 500gm.. Membrane Lauryl Sulphate.. Milk Plate Count Agar 50.. Minerals Modified Glutam.. Modified T.S.B. (for E. .. Mueller Hinton Agar 500g.. Mueller Hinton Broth 500.. Mueller Kauffman Tetrath.. Nutrient Agar 500gm Nutrient Broth No. 2 500.. Nutrient Broth E 500gm O.G.Y.E. Agar Base 500gm.. Palcam Agar Base 500gm Peptone Water 500gm Plate Count Agar APHA 50.. Plate Count Agar (A.I.D).. Potato Dextrose Agar 500.. Proteose Peptone A 500gm.. Pseudomonas Agar Base 50.. R2A Medium 500gm Rappaport Vassiliades (R.. Reinforced Clostridium A.. Reinforced Clostridium M.. Rose Bengal Chlorampheni.. Sabouraud Dextrose Agar .. Sabouraud Liquid Medium .. Sabouraud Maltose Agar 5.. Selenite Broth Base 500g.. Sodium Biselenite 100gm Selenite Cystine Broth 5.. Sensitivity Test Agar 50.. Slanetz and Bartley Medi.. Simmons Citrate Agar 500.. SS Agar 500gm TCBS Cholerae Medium 500.. Tetrathionate Broth Base.. Thioglycollate Medium (B.. Todd Hewitt Broth 500gm Triple Sugar Iron Agar 5.. Tryptone 500gm Tryptone Bile Glucoronid.. Tryptone Glucose Extract.. Tryptone Soy Agar USP 50.. Tryptone Soy Broth USP 5.. Tryptone Water 500gm Tryptose Phosphate Broth.. Urea Agar Base 500gm Urea Broth Base 500gm Violet Red Bile Agar 500.. Violet Red Bile Glucose .. W.L.Nutrient Agar 500gm Wort Agar 500gm XLD Agar 500gm Yeast Extract (Powder) 5.. Yeast Extract Agar 500gm.. Yeast Extract Chloramphe.. Yersinia CIN Agar Base 5.. Nalidixic Acid Vancomyci.. Nalidixic Acid 10 x 500 .. Metronidazole Nalidixic .. Cycloserine Cefoxitin 10.. Neomycin 75 10 x 500 ml .. Neomycin 100 10 x 500 ml.. Kanamycin 75 10 x 500 ml.. Polymixin B 10 x 500 ml .. Cefoperazone Amphoteraci.. Sulphadiazine for O.P.S... Oleandomycin Phos. Polym.. Novobiocin 10 x 500 ml Colistin Nalidixic Acid .. V.C.A. 10 x 500 ml vials.. C.C.C.F. 10 x 500 ml via.. P.A.C. 10 x 500 ml vials.. 1/2 Fraser Supplement 10.. Fraser Supplement 10 x 5.. V.C.N.T. for Thayer Mart.. L.C.A.T. for Mod. New Yo.. L.C.T. for Mod. New York.. GC Growth Supplement 10 .. C.F.C 10 x 500 ml vials Novobiocin for M.S.R.V. .. Egg Yolk Emulsion 100ml Egg Yolk Tellurite 100ml.. Potassium Tellurite 3.5%.. Urea 40% 10 x 10ml Colistin/Oxolinic Acid 1.. Chloramphenicol 10 x 500.. Oxytetracycline 10 x 500.. C.I.N. 10 x 500 ml vials.. ASO Latex test kit 100 T.. ASO Latex test kit 50 Te.. PSA 96 Tests CRP Latex test kit 100 T.. CRP Latex test kit 50 Te.. Direct Monoclonal Pregna.. Direct Monoclonal Pregna.. hCG Rapid Strips in pouc.. hCG Rapid Strips in pouc.. RA Latex test kit 100 te.. RA Latex test kit 50 tes.. hCG Rapid Strips in tube.. hCG Rapid Strips in pouc.. HBsAg rapid device (seru.. HIV 1 2 rapid device (se.. HCV rapid device (serum/.. Syphilis rapid device (s.. Syphilis rapid device (s.. Malaria Pf Rapid Device .. Malaria Pv/Pf Rapid Devi.. Malaria Pan/Pf Rapid Dev.. Malaria Pan/Pv/Pf Rapid .. Syphilis rapid device (s.. Syphilis rapid device (s.. RPR Test kit 100 Tests RPR Test kit 500 Tests Anti-Syphilis IgG/IgM/Ig.. Positive Syphilitic Cont.. Negative Syphilitic Cont.. TPHA Test kit 100 tests VDRL Carbon Antigen 5ml VDRL Carbon Antigen 10ml.. VDRL Carbon Antigen 100m.. FASTPlaqueTB diagnostic .. FASTPlaque-Response 25 d.. NOA supplement box of 5 .. Thermostable a-amylase(1.. Mid-temperature а-refin.. Catalase Acid cellulase Glucoamylase Medium temperature а - .. Fungal amylase β-amylase Lipase Acid protease Acidic pectinase Thermostable a-amylase(.. Medium Temperature а-re.. Composite glucoamylase Fungal amylase(2) β-amylase(2) Pullulanase Feed Grade amylase Phytase Acid protease(2) Feed grade cellulase Feed grade pectinase Feed grade lipase Xylanase β-glucanase Mannanase The suckling piglets ded.. Growing pigs feed enzyme.. Carnivores with enzyme Poultry diets with enzym.. Ruminants enzyme Feed enzymes (rabbit-spe.. Aquatic animals with enz.. Poultry diets with enzym.. Alkaline Protease Alkaline Amylase Alkaline Cellulase Alkaline Lipase JN-260 high temperature .. JN-160 wide temperature .. JN-500 Catalase JN-150 polishing enzyme JN-156 polishing enzyme JN-667 cowboy Busi light.. JN-100 acidic cellulase JN-200 neutral cellulase.. JN-310 one-bath enzyme The biological catalytic.. Jienuo biological steril.. The biocatalytic deplugg.. The biological catalytic.. The surface sizing dedic.. Temperature amylase Thermostable a-amylase(3.. Cellulase Neutral protease Acid protease(3) Alkaline protease(2) Boc-Aminoethanol Boc-L-Alaninol Boc-L-Valinol Boc-D-Valinol Boc-L-Leucinol Boc-L-Isoleucinol Boc-L-Prolinol Boc-L-Phenylalaninol Boc-L-4-Br-Phenylalanino.. Boc-Gly-Nitrile Boc-L-Ala-Nitrile Boc-L-Val-Nitrile Boc-D-Val-Nitrile Boc-L-Leu-Nitrile Boc-L-Ile-Nitrile Boc-L-Pro-Nitrile Boc-L-Phe-Nitrile Boc-L-4-Br-Phe-Nitrile Boc-Gly-NH2 Boc-L-Ala-NH2 Boc-L-Val-NH2 Boc-D-Val-NH2 Boc-L-Leu-NH2 Boc-L-Ile-NH2 Boc-L-Pro-NH2 Boc-L-Phe-NH2 Boc-L-4-Br-Phe-NH2 Methyl-3-tert-Butylthiaz.. (S)-3-(tert-Butoxycarbon.. (L)-1,2,3,4-Tetrahydrois.. (R)-4-Chlorophenylalanin.. 4-Chlorophenylalanine (R)-3-Chlorophenylalanin.. (S)-3-Chlorophenylalanin.. 2-Chlorophenylalanine (R)-4-Bromophenylalanine.. (S)-4-Bromophenylalanine.. 4-Bromophenylalanine (S)-3-Bromophenylalanine.. 3-Bromophenylalanine (R)-2-Bromophenylalanine.. (S)-2-Bromophenylalanine.. 2-Bromophenylalanine DL-4-Fluorophenylalanine.. (R)-3-Fluorophenylalanin.. 3-Fluorophenylalanine (S)-2-Fluorophenylalanin.. 2-Fluorophenylalanine(DL.. Gonadorelin Enfuvirtide Cetrorelix MelanotanⅠ Acetate Desmopressin Argipressin Angiotensin Triptorelin Acetate Thymosin α1 Acetate Pramlintide Acetate Angiotensin Ⅱ Histrelin Acetate SincalideAcetate Protirelin Acetate Antide Acetate Somatostatin Acetate Tetracosactide Terlipressin Acetate Deslorelin Acetate Argipressin Acetate Lysipressin Acetate Desmopressin Acetate Angioten Acetate Alarelin Acetate MelanotanⅡAcetate GHRP-6 Acetate Argireline Acetate(Acety.. Eptifibatide Acetate Thymosin β4 Acetate Atosiban Acetate Fat peptide/palm acyl fu.. Enfuvirtide Acetate Elcatonin Acetate Cetrorelix Acetate Cetrorelix AcetatBivalir.. Teriparatide Acetate Secretin Acetate Bremelanotide PT 141 Cholesterol Cholesteryl acetate Cholesteryl benzoate Cholesteryl chloride 7-Dehydrocholesterol Electronic cigarette liq.. Electronic cigarette liq.. Electronic tobacco tar,e.. Electronic cigarette liq.. Electronic cigarette liq.. Electronic cigarette liq.. SCOS Transformation Kit Ling-Zhi Immunomodulator.. YLOS Transformation Kit YLEX Expression Kit YEA Protein Assay Kit His-tag protein purifica.. YEA-His Spin Kit Pre-stained Protein Mark.. FaStain Protein Staining.. Total RNA Extraction Kit.. G50 Dye Terminator Remov.. 96-Well SEQ Dye Clean Up.. Viral Nucleic Acid Extra.. Plasmid Extraction Kits Genomic DNA Extraction K.. G25 Oligo Clean Up Kit 96-Well PCR Clean Up Kit.. YEAtaq DNA Polymerase O’in 1 DNA Polymerase P.. Deoxynucleotides RealStart DNA Polymerase.. HiFi DNA Polymerase Accu DNA Polymerase 100 bp Sharp Ladder DNA .. 1 Kb Sharp Ladder DNA Ma.. EZtime Real-Time PCR Pre.. UniversAll Tissue PCR Ki.. T&A cloning vector T&A Cloning Kit Rapid Ligation Kit YEA T.. ECOSTM 10B Competent Cel.. ECOS Blue Competent Cell.. ECOS 21 Competent Cells .. ECOS 2163 Competent Cell.. Glass Plating Beads ECOS 101 Competent Cells.. ECOS 9-5 Competent Cells.. Neutral protease Characterization of Bruc.. Salmonella Vi Antigen Ex.. Urea 40% Uses Cleansing formula- oil c.. Cleansing formula-skin w..